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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Welcome to the Young Pinnacle Players (YPP)!

This project will be both fun and challenging. As a team, we will have to work hard to create a well-rehearsed, imaginative play.  (we will create a contact sheet and send out an email)

Respectful Environment
YPP stresses respectful behaviour at all rehearsals and performances. This includes respecting each other, the property of the BTG, and yourself. Remember to be on time and listen for directions.

Cell Phones
If you must bring a cell phone, it should never be out during a rehearsal or a performance. Cell phones should be turned off when we are working.

As a participant, you are required to join the Belleville Theatre Guild. A student membership is $10.00. Adults are $20.00. All members will receive a newsletter and an invitation to the year-end party.

Rehearsals are mandatory and you are required to attend when your character is needed in the scenes being rehearsed. Please look closely at the rehearsal schedule. If you miss more than two rehearsals, you may lose your part. If you do need to miss a rehearsal, please let Chyann and Lise know beforehand. November rehearsals are critical and no absences are possible. Please look carefully at the rehearsal schedule with your parents. Some rehearsals only require certain characters to be present.

The Annex
Most rehearsals in September and October will be here. Occasionally, the rehearsals will be at the theatre, but you will be notified by email of any changes.This warehouse is cool and can feel damp. You may want to bring a sweater. The BTG only rents half of the warehouse and the other side is strictly off limits except to go the bathroom. There is a waiting area near the front door for parents if they get there early to pick you up.

Food and Drink
You can bring snacks with you to any rehearsal, but we encourage you to always recycle when possible and dispose of garbage in the garbage cans. Please do not bring any peanuts or peanut products to rehearsals or the performances.
Bring water to rehearsals and performances.

The scripts are yours to keep once you have paid your membership fee. Always bring a pencil to rehearsal to write directions down in your script. Please put your name on the cover. You will be given one script. If you lose it, you will have to pay $10.00 for a replacement. If you have to leave the show for some reason, please return the script.

Creating an Ensemble

The aim of this project is to work together as a team to create an entertaining piece of theatre for our community. This will require great attention to detail and a willingness to stay on task while at rehearsals. Our jobs will be divided into a variety of tasks including acting, dancing, set painting, prop making, lighting, prop organization, and hair and makeup. Over the next three months, we will make new friends and work closely together on all aspects of this production.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask me, Chyann, or Amy-Lyn. It is my sincere hope that you enjoy this adventure. Let's bring this lovely story to life!
Lise Lindenberg

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