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Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Whole Play has been Blocked

Blocking is the term used when actors are moved around on stage. The play is blocked out step by step from beginning to end. As of this morning, we have finished blocking all the scenes in the play. Every actor now knows when he or she is entering or exiting, standing or sitting. It turns out that the toys disappear from the story after Skin Horse leaves! As a result, we had to alter our set design a bit and ask for a hinged panel in the back of the toy cupboard to allow the toys to exit in the dark. Today was a good day because the lighting designers were watching, the producer was there, one of the costume designers and the set designer. In addition to the cast, we had a full house. Very exciting times.
Possible Fairy Costume

Beginning of the tree costumes- they still need bark and branches.

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